Making French Toast: A Short Cooking ASMR Video

Just made some yummy Tuesday brunch French toast! Ate it with some strawberries and a scoop of plain yogurt. Delicious!

App Milestone: 2k Downloads of Random Number Generator!

  This app was a fun one to design because I wanted to make something that would look different and stand out. Fun to see it get downloaded by so many people all over the world!  Random Number Generator Free, No ads

Top 5 Friendship Bracelet Videos From My YouTube Channel - Fall 2022

  The bracelets in this video: Bracelet Book Pattern #92828 - Icey Blue Arrowhead  - Bracelet Book Pattern #29315 - Bracelet Book Pattern #29537 - Bracelet Book Pattern #34847 - Link to Bracelet Book -

Training My Pothos Plant

  I got starts of this pothos plant from my mom a few years ago. I had mostly used the long vine growth to propagate multiple other plants from it until I decided to start letting this one just keep on going. Now I'm training it up the walls of my office.

100 Days Until Christmas 2022!

  100 days until Christmas! Wow, 2022 is going quick.  Days Until is my latest Android app, available on the Google Play Store.

I felt like I was going to be kidnapped tonight.

I felt like I was going to be kidnapped tonight. I want to know: what would you have done? And how normal is it to be out running in 80-degree weather at 10:30 at night with the hood up on your hoodie? I think it's very possible all this was a coincidence and I feel bad for judging someone's choice of exercise wear. If you want to wear the hood on your hoodie while running you should be able to. Here's the story of how it freaked me out. I'm out for a walk alone on the Murdock Canal trail in Lehi around 10:30. The trail is quieter than usual (maybe because of Labor Day?), and I haven't seen anyone else on the trail. I'm heading back home when I see a car coming towards me (the trail is parallel to a road) slow down and come to a stop slightly behind me. I assume they park because the lights in the cab come on.  This is on a very dark stretch of the trail, and I thought it was a weird place for someone to stop, away from the houses. They could have seen me. I was

Daisy granny square blanket for my sister. ❤️

  She loves blankets. The finished product was 4x5 squares. 20 square for her 20th birthday!