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App Release: Change Calculator

See the app code on GitHub

New Video - Updating Formatting of Change Calculator Android App

This video shows how I put the finishing touches on my Change Calculator Android app (which will be on Google Play for download soon!). Example of using string.xml, style.xml and color.xml files in an Android app.   Websites from the video: Link to Change Calculator code: Edit: link to the app on Google Play -

App Release: Scorekeeper

Scorekeeper for Android is done with beta testing and available on Google Play! Check it out: The code is also on GitHub:

App Update: Scorekeeper 2.0 - Quick Change Buttons

Updated my scorekeeper app to include blue quick change buttons. Check it out. Code changes on GitHub: For Android on Google Play:

Admiral Grace Hopper: Computing Pioneer

Admiral Grace Hopper joined the Navy in her 30s and became one of the pioneers of computing. In the early 1950s, a time when people thought computers could only do arithmetic, she built a compiler (a program that can turn the code humans write into something the machine can understand). By the 1960s she had written the language COBOL. This is a video of her giving a nano stick to David Letterman. A nano stick was a piece of wire that represented the distance light could travel in a nanosecond. Seems like she was pretty cool. It's a fun interview.

Tutorial: Using SQLite with Android - Simple Scorekeeper Example

This is a quick tour of how the SQLite database in my simple scorekeeper app is set up. Here's a link to my scorekeeper app code on GitHub if you want to follow along: If you want more information on Data Storage and Android, check out this class at Udacity: The scorekeeper app is on the play store (in beta still right now): A link to the screen recording software I used:

Tutorial: Making an Android Counter App

This is a 3-minutes video about how to make a simple counter app in Android Studio. I recommend using your own Android phone if you want to try it out, though you can also use the emulators that come with Android Studio if you don't mind waiting patiently while they load.