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App Release: Scorekeeper

Scorekeeper for Android is done with beta testing and available on Google Play! Check it out: The code is also on GitHub:

App Update: Scorekeeper 2.0 - Quick Change Buttons

Updated my scorekeeper app to include blue quick change buttons. Check it out. Code changes on GitHub: For Android on Google Play:

Admiral Grace Hopper: Computing Pioneer

Admiral Grace Hopper joined the Navy in her 30s and became one of the pioneers of computing. In the early 1950s, a time when people thought computers could only do arithmetic, she built a compiler (a program that can turn the code humans write into something the machine can understand). By the 1960s she had written the language COBOL. This is a video of her giving a nano stick to David Letterman. A nano stick was a piece of wire that represented the distance light could travel in a nanosecond. Seems like she was pretty cool. It's a fun interview.

Tutorial: Using SQLite with Android - Simple Scorekeeper Example

This is a quick tour of how the SQLite database in my simple scorekeeper app is set up. Here's a link to my scorekeeper app code on GitHub if you want to follow along: If you want more information on Data Storage and Android, check out this class at Udacity: The scorekeeper app is on the play store (in beta still right now): A link to the screen recording software I used: