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Finished! Another sewn rope basket. I like the bowl shape of this one.


My favorite scrap-yarn-removal trick for the knitting machine!


Trying (and failing!) a new knitting machine pattern


Making a beaded daisy bracelet. Took 20 minutes to make. Very fun!


Panda 155/1000 - Cute Crayola Blue Panda Wearing Scarf with Crayon Color Names

Panda 154/1000 - Cute Crayon Purple Panda Drawing with Crayon Color Names

Easy Drawing - Cute Giant Panda Cartoon on Whiteboard


Sold! Thanks to someone from California for buying three packs of stickers from my Zazzle shop!

  They bought three packs of my Heart Panda stickers in red. Thank you! Link to the stickers on Zazzle: Or check out my Zazzle shop:

October Walk

Walking around the day after the first light snow. Ambient sounds of traffic, construction, a siren, and crunchy leaves on the sidewalk.

Panda 153/1000 - Dark Olive Green Jungle Pattern - Giant Panda, Red Panda, and Snow Leopard

I made this panda pattern for the Spoonflower design challenge "Joyful Jungle". (links to all my panda stuff!) (stickers, backpacks, mugs, etc.) (wrapping paper, flip flops, etc.) (fabric)  

October Hiking. Pine Hollow Loop, American Fork Canyon, Utah.

  Gorgeous weather for hiking. The mountains have been calling me all week with all of the trees you can see changing color from down in the valley.

Panda 152/1000 - Disco Revival Giant Panda Face

  I made this panda pattern for the Spoonflower design challenge "Disco Revival". Tricky to figure out how to work a panda into this design prompt, but I like how it turned out! (links to all my panda stuff!) (stickers, backpacks, mugs, etc.) (wrapping paper, flip flops, etc.) (fabric) #redbubble #zazzle #spoongflower #panda #giantpanda #art #pandaart #minimalism #amandaroos #pandaartist #1000pandas #digitalart #procreate #procreateapp #fabric #fabricshop #surfacedesign #pattern #patternmaking #pandapattern #cuteart #cuteanimal #animalart #cutegiantpanda #pandalover #cutegiantpanda #disco #discorevival #discoanimal

Panda 151/1000 - Bold Minimalism Panda Pattern

  I made this minimalist panda pattern for the Spoonflower design challenge  "Bold Minimalism". I love how it works with any color of background! I'm working on uploading this pattern in over 40 colors to my stores. (links to all my panda stuff!) (stickers, backpacks, mugs, etc.) (wrapping paper, flip flops, etc.) (fabric)

October hike with view of Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.

Happy October! 2022 is 75% Complete!


Photos: September walk in the park

 Blue skies and beautiful flowers!

Video: Making Rolls!

  Making pillowy soft bread rolls. Delicious! Recipe: 1 1/2 cups warm water 1 tablespoon active dry yeast 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 3 1/2 to 4 cups all-purpose flour Bake 400 degrees for 15-17 minutes.

Making French Toast: A Short Cooking ASMR Video

Just made some yummy Tuesday brunch French toast! Ate it with some strawberries and a scoop of plain yogurt. Delicious!

90 Days Until Christmas! 2022

  90 days until Christmas! 3 months away now! Days Until is my latest Android app, available on the Google Play Store.

App Milestone: 2k Downloads of Random Number Generator!

  This app was a fun one to design because I wanted to make something that would look different and stand out. Fun to see it get downloaded by so many people all over the world!  Random Number Generator Free, No ads

Top 5 Friendship Bracelet Videos From My YouTube Channel - Fall 2022

  The bracelets in this video: Bracelet Book Pattern #92828 - Icey Blue Arrowhead  - Bracelet Book Pattern #29315 - Bracelet Book Pattern #29537 - Bracelet Book Pattern #34847 - Link to Bracelet Book -

Training My Pothos Plant

  I got starts of this pothos plant from my mom a few years ago. I had mostly used the long vine growth to propagate multiple other plants from it until I decided to start letting this one just keep on going. Now I'm training it up the walls of my office.

100 Days Until Christmas 2022!

  100 days until Christmas! Wow, 2022 is going quick.  Days Until is my latest Android app, available on the Google Play Store.

I felt like I was going to be kidnapped tonight.

I felt like I was going to be kidnapped tonight. I want to know: what would you have done? And how normal is it to be out running in 80-degree weather at 10:30 at night with the hood up on your hoodie? I think it's very possible all this was a coincidence and I feel bad for judging someone's choice of exercise wear. If you want to wear the hood on your hoodie while running you should be able to. Here's the story of how it freaked me out. I'm out for a walk alone on the Murdock Canal trail in Lehi around 10:30. The trail is quieter than usual (maybe because of Labor Day?), and I haven't seen anyone else on the trail. I'm heading back home when I see a car coming towards me (the trail is parallel to a road) slow down and come to a stop slightly behind me. I assume they park because the lights in the cab come on.  This is on a very dark stretch of the trail, and I thought it was a weird place for someone to stop, away from the houses. They could have seen me. I was

Daisy granny square blanket for my sister. ❤️

  She loves blankets. The finished product was 4x5 squares. 20 square for her 20th birthday!

It's a HEAT WAVE in Utah. But the garden is happy.

  Today's harvest! Marigolds, bell pepper, and a strawberry! We also got a sunflower.

Another rainbow, but with black this time. ๐Ÿ–ค❤️๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค

  I think I like this better than the white one!

App Milestone: 50 downloads for Days Until!

The free version of my Days Until app has reached its 50 downloads milestone! Days Until Free, No ads Days Until with Widget $0.99, No ads App preview video: 

Knitting in July? Yes. Rainbow on White Machine Knit Hat

Very fun to play around with striped designs, even in the heat of summer! Winter will be here before we know it, and I still have a pile of yarn to get through.  

App Milestone: 20 downloads for Days Until with Widget!

No, that's not 20k, just 20, but I'm still excited! I released this app last fall as an upgrade version to my Days Until app. It takes a lot longer for paid apps to get downloads than for free apps (obviously), so given that this is one of my paid apps, I'm pretty excited it's reached this milestone!  Days Until Free, No ads Days Until with Widget $0.99, No ads App preview video: 

My 150th Panda is Finished! Graduation Panda

  It's a graduation panda! Happy graduation to everyone who finished school this spring! Part of my 1000 Pandas Art Project, started in 2020. I'm almost at 200 pandas! Check out the cute merch in my shops. I sell my designs as stickers, blankets, backpacks, mugs, and more:

Happy Pride! ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ 2022

I've been wanting to draw more pride pandas with more pride colors but didn't get around to it this year, so here are my pandas from last year. Hope everyone had a happy pride month! ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ 

App Milestone: 10k downloads for Latitude and Longitude!

I've only posted about app milestones for three months now, but this app has already come up twice! My Latitude and Longitude app has the fastest download rate of any app I've made yet. It hit its 5k milestone just two months ago, and now it's at 10k downloads!  Latitude and Longitude Free, No ads App preview video:

App Milestone: 1k downloads for Volume Button Counter!

Another milestone was reached this month! I'll try to do these milestone posts monthly. Volume Button Counter Free, No ads App preview video:

Thanks for the Donations!

Thanks to the person from Milwaukee, WI who recently bought my donation app! To everyone who has supported my Android apps, whether through donations or other app purchases, thank you! It means a lot to know that the work I'm doing is appreciated!

The Android team at Google put out a new FREE course as of April 2022: Android Basics with Compose

I've been working with Kotlin for a while now, but I haven't started learning to use Jetpack Compose yet. Time to get started learning a new way to make the UI for Andriod apps! I'm excited! The Android team at Google put out a new FREE course as of April 2022: Android Basics with Compose:

New Android Video! 1-Minute Android App Tutorial - Basic Counter App

I love making Android apps. It's a great way to learn how to code! It gives you great projects to work on that can increase in complexity as you become more confident with programming. In this video, I go through the parts of a basic counter app for Android and how it looks in Andriod Studio. To get started, download Andriod Studio here: To get the code I used in this example, check out the git hub repository I made for this example app. Feel free to copy and paste this code to make things easier! I know this video is quick, so let me know if you have questions! And even if you don't, let me know if you try it out. I'd love to hear how it goes for you. I learned to make Android apps with, where there are free courses that were developed with Google. Check that out here:   There are also courses directly from

App Milestone: 5k downloads for Latitude and Longitude!

I've decided to start making monthly-ish posts for my app download milestones. I was thinking of making the milestones be whenever the numbers double, but that's too complicated, so I'll post when the downloads hit orders of magnitude of 1, 2 and 5.  Latitude and Longitude Free, No ads App preview video:

My first book: Panda ABCs by Amanda Roos

  Panda ABCs has now been published for 1 month! I have loved seeing everyone's reactions to the pandas.  Copies are available in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon. For a dive behind the scenes, you can check out this video to watch a time-lapse of how I drew each page:

Reversible Beanie! Easy 48-pin Knitting Machine Pattern

Easy, 100-row, reversible beanie! I'm using acrylic yarn, a combination of Michael's craftsmart yarn and RedHeart, and a 48-pin knitting machine. Pattern:  20 rows black 2 orange  2 black 2 light gray 2 black 2 dark gray 40 black 2 dark gray 2 black 2 light gray 2 black  2 turquoise 20 black

App Stats: Time Progress Bars - 2022

Time for some app stats! Time Progress Bars app was released on the Google Play Store in October 2020. Total downloads - 3007 Active downloads - 905 2022 revenue - $31.64 My share of 2022 revenue - $25.31 Total revenue - $54.71 My share of total revenue - $34.23 Revenue is from an in-app purchase that lets users change the color scheme and an in-app donation purchase.