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New release! Days Until with Widget!

  Countdown the days until the date and time you choose!  Simple design, no ads, no permissions. Small download size. Available in 100+ languages! Days Until with Widget on Google Play:

Change Calculator Upgrade Version 2.0 is now released on Google Play!

  I made the original app while cashiering at Walmart (I took free Android classes through I have heard from many people with math disabilities who say it has really helped! This update is to add $100, $50, and $2 for the Canadians out there. Enjoy! Upgrade: Original: -Quick change entry -Checkboxes for bills and coins in the upgrade version -Available in 100+ languages -Now includes more bill types! -Both versions are ad-free and small download size -Original version is open source and available on GitHub:

New Release! Scorekeeper Upgrade

  I'm excited to release an upgrade version for my most popular app: Scorekeeper! Download now from Google Play: Upgrade Version Features: -Easy one-screen interface -Quick to set up with one tap to add a player -One tap to edit score or change player name -Dark mode matches system settings 🕶️ -Screen stays on (option to turn off in settings) -Available in 100+ languages Try the original app for free:

Made My First NFT Sale on OpenSea!

About my journey so far: I created my OpenSea account about two weeks ago. It cost me about $100 to get started: $20 in transaction fees to get Etherium into my MetaMask wallet and then about $80 in Etherium gas fees to create my first collection. I used this website to watch gas prices for a couple of days to see when gas prices tended to be lowest: Since then I have been uploading a few panda NFTs every day. I have been working on my 1000 pandas project, so I have almost 100 panda images as a backlog ready to upload as NFTs. Once I've caught up with my backlog I will create the NFTs as I create the pandas. When I create an NFT, I have been creating a supply of 1000 for each item (add "?enable_supply=true" to the end of the create URL to be able to change the supply of your OpenSea NFTs). When I finally finish making all 1000 pandas and making 1000 NFTs of each, that will end up being 1 million panda NFTs! I did this so I could experimen

App Stats: Time Progress Bars

Time for some app stats! My newest app, Time Progress Bars, was released on the Google Play Store in October 2020. Total downloads - 784 Active downloads - 446 Revenue - $12.75 My share of revenue - $8.92 The app has translations for 100+ languages. About half of the downloads are from non-English-speaking countries. I'm not running ads in this app. All revenue is from an in-app purchase that lets users change the color scheme.