App Milestone: 1k downloads for Volume Button Counter!

Another milestone was reached this month! I'll try to do these milestone posts monthly. Volume Button Counter Free, No ads App preview video:

Thanks for the Donations!

Thanks to the person from Milwaukee, WI who recently bought my donation app! To everyone who has supported my Android apps, whether through donations or other app purchases, thank you! It means a lot to know that the work I'm doing is appreciated!

The Android team at Google put out a new FREE course as of April 2022: Android Basics with Compose

I've been working with Kotlin for a while now, but I haven't started learning to use Jetpack Compose yet. Time to get started learning a new way to make the UI for Andriod apps! I'm excited! The Android team at Google put out a new FREE course as of April 2022: Android Basics with Compose:

New Android Video! 1-Minute Android App Tutorial - Basic Counter App

I love making Android apps. It's a great way to learn how to code! It gives you great projects to work on that can increase in complexity as you become more confident with programming. In this video, I go through the parts of a basic counter app for Android and how it looks in Andriod Studio. To get started, download Andriod Studio here: To get the code I used in this example, check out the git hub repository I made for this example app. Feel free to copy and paste this code to make things easier! I know this video is quick, so let me know if you have questions! And even if you don't, let me know if you try it out. I'd love to hear how it goes for you. I learned to make Android apps with, where there are free courses that were developed with Google. Check that out here:   There are also courses directly from

App Milestone: 5k downloads for Latitude and Longitude!

I've decided to start making monthly-ish posts for my app download milestones. I was thinking of making the milestones be whenever the numbers double, but that's too complicated, so I'll post when the downloads hit orders of magnitude of 1, 2 and 5.  Latitude and Longitude Free, No ads App preview video:

My first book: Panda ABCs by Amanda Roos

  Panda ABCs has now been published for 1 month! I have loved seeing everyone's reactions to the pandas.  Copies are available in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon. For a dive behind the scenes, you can check out this video to watch a time-lapse of how I drew each page:

Reversible Beanie! Easy 48-pin Knitting Machine Pattern

Easy, 100-row, reversible beanie! I'm using acrylic yarn, a combination of Michael's craftsmart yarn and RedHeart, and a 48-pin knitting machine. Pattern:  20 rows black 2 orange  2 black 2 light gray 2 black 2 dark gray 40 black 2 dark gray 2 black 2 light gray 2 black  2 turquoise 20 black